About Us

Hey there

Following being laid-off during the Covid pandemic we, a group of friends, were looking online for a job and found it frustrating for so many reasons - from job listings which were not even relevant anymore, through broken links to the lack of local filtering of job listings.


Surprisingly this frustration drove us to do it ourselves and suddenly things were so clear - we have a job again ;)


While we encourage all of you who are looking to make a respectful living to go independent, we know this is not for everyone, so we hope to help you find your next local job fast.

We are just beginning, and while we do our best to present you with as much ease of use, we know some things might not work well yet. We have great plans for tools to help you search for a job, and apply, easier and faster. We will roll those out in the coming weeks.

Please do let us know of any feedback (below) you might have and hopefully you’ll soon find your dream job so we won’t have to see you here anymore ;)